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Annemarie Jaeggi, Photo: Catrin Schmitt

Awarded for the first time in 2016, Deutscher Werkbund Berlin presents the Julius Posener Award in cooperation with Berlin University of the Arts every two years for outstanding contributions to the history and theory of architecture and the city. Following Kenneth Frampton and Jan Gehl, this year’s award has been given to Annemarie Jaeggi, Director of the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin. The honour is named after Julius Posener (born 1904, died 1996), who was active in Deutscher Werkbund as an architect, architecture historian, critic, author, lecturer and chairman; his work can now be re-explored or discovered anew through the book Typisch Posener (Typical Posener). According to the jury’s statement, Annemarie Jaeggi “has advocated for advanced and unbiased study and teaching of the architecture of the modern for many decades, with outstanding engagement and the utmost professional sophistication. With her publications about Adolf Meyer, housing construction in the early 20th century, Egon Eiermann and above all the history of the Bauhaus and its context, she has consistently presented insightful and methodologically profound studies since the 1980s.”

As Director of the Bauhaus-Archiv, the jury says, she has realised numerous exhibitions and publication series not only about the Bauhaus’ history, but also about contemporary designers such as Peter Raacke, Ingo Maurer, Jasper Morrison and Erik Spiekermann. The jury also comments that it is thanks to contributions such as Jaeggi’s persistent work that the Bauhaus-Archiv will gain its long-awaited, Staab Architekten-designed extension in the next few years. Jaeggi is a Privatdozentin (equivalent to an assistant professor) in art history and was born in Washington DC in 1956, the daughter of a Swiss diplomat and Englishwoman. She has taught history of architecture at institutions such as Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), TU Berlin and Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio.

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