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© JF / Museum der Dinge
© JF / Museum der Dinge

The Deutscher Werkbund (DWB), founded in Munich in 1907, had great things in mind: as part of the reform movement and as an interest group, it played a central role in mediating between art and industry at the beginning of the 20th century (in West Germany, it continued its commitment after the Second World War). The aim of the progressive approach was to counteract the increasing alienation from traditions through a modern and objective design of industrially manufactured products, architecture and living space. The most comprehensive possible aesthetic education was just as much on the agenda as quality, material justice, functionality and sustainability in design, production, distribution and consumption. The Deutscher Werkbund still exists today.

The independent Werkbund Archive in Berlin, founded in 1973, is run by a non-profit association. At the centre of the institution is the archive of the Deutscher Werkbund and the preservation and scientific documentation of the Werkbund’s work. At the same time, the archive, as a „Museum der Dinge“ , expands the view beyond the products of Werkbund artists and companies through its collection and exhibition activities and, as a museum of 20th and 21st century product culture, incorporates current developments in consumer culture into its work.

Now the “Werkbund Archive – Museum der Dinge” is turning fifty. The anniversary will be celebrated on 23 June with a conference and a party afterwards. The aim is to reflect on the past, to discuss breaks and developments, but also to develop new perspectives. Together with experts and museum colleagues, according to the announcement, “we will take a look at the self-image of the museum, which is shaped by its founding in the politicised 1970s and an understanding of history that is directed towards everyday life”. Historical perspectives and exhibition concepts as well as “milestones and quarries” in the museum’s own history will be examined in lectures before a panel discussion “On challenges, strategies and perspectives in museums on design”. Afterwards, it’s party time for all!

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