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A new logo for the Netherlands

The term used to describe a nation or state presenting itself through a unified visual language is Nation Branding. The Netherlands, a nation with great design talent and a keen understanding of the impact of creative solutions, has introduced a new logo to represent the country’s attitude and values – to be used primarily by the Ministry of Tourism. The new NL Netherlands logo replaces the current “Holland” logo, which features a tulip. Government authorities and agencies will be able to use it as of January 2020. With this new look, the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands confirms that the word “Holland” refers not only to the country itself, but also to an independent region. In the future, the term “Netherlands” will refer to the country as a whole. The new design retains the colour orange – there was no question about that. However, the tulip, a symbol inextricably associated with the Netherlands, is now only subtly suggested in the lettering.

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