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Advertising and print products at Bauhaus: An exhibition in Mainz

In honour of “100 Years of Bauhaus”, the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz is hosting an exhibition which highlights the typography of Bauhaus and the revolutionary impact it has had on graphic and communications design, as well as the important role it continues to play around the world today. Set to run until 2 February 2020, the exhibition ABC:Avantgarde – Bauhaus – Corporate Design features a series of differently themed sections investigating the conditions and various phases of development which gave rise to the Bauhaus typography, initially in Weimar but especially at the school’s new location in Dessau from 1925 to 1932. The exhibition, which seeks to document the creative design potential and functional significance of the sans-serif typeface, both at Bauhaus and beyond, is centred around a number of typographic designs and products of startling originality and artistic quality.

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