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AI Artificial Intelligence: Exhibition and film series

Right now the subject of Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is omnipresent. And the discussion isn’t limited to the effects that increased digitalisation will have on our everyday lives. Given that AI will also bring change to a wide variety of disciplines, these too must respond accordingly. Will AI actually make many of our decisions for us in the near future? And what does that mean for our identity, for art and architecture? Up until 29 March 2020, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo will be presenting the exhibition Future of the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow focused on the transformation of art, architecture and design that can be expected to result from the use of AI. The concept of the exhibition is based on five aspects, grouped in different sections: “New Possibilities of Cities”, “Towards Neo-Metabolism Architecture”, “Lifestyle and Design Innovations”, “Human Augmentation and Its Ethical Issues” and “Society and Humans in Transformation”. Through the multi-part film series “In the Age of AI”, the US programme Frontline, which is known for its investigative and enlightening journalism, and PBS Public Broadcasting Services are also attempting to shed light on the controversial interests and consequences associated with the use of artificial intelligence.

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