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Anton Stankowski. House numbers for individualists

As well as being a famous son of the city of Gelsenkirchen, the photographer, painter, and graphic artist Anton Stankowski (1906 until 1998) is also considered one of the founders of modern graphic design, having created a number of pioneering designs, the most prominent being Viessmann’s CI and the Deutsche Bank logo. In 1976, Stankowski also designed house numbers that were produced and distributed by Silit until the end of the 1990s. The house numbers were small graphic works of art in a 30 x 30 cm format, multicoloured and executed in the style of his minimalist constructive painting. Now the city of Gelsenkirchen has announced that it is reissuing these house numbers for individualists.Gelsenkirchen designer, Uwe Gelesch, has reconstructed and slightly revised Stankowski’s number series on the basis of original sketches and promotional material. The numbers are handmade in enamel by a South German manufacturer and are available right now. The Gelsenkirchen Art Museum is presenting two exhibitions: Zahlenspiel – Ziffern von Anton Stankowski (Number Play – Numbers by Anton Stankowski) will be on display until 15 December 2019, and the exhibition Diagonal im Schaufenster (Featuring the Diagonal Line) will be open until 3 February 2020.

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