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The Smurfit Kappa company has developed a sustainable, water-resistant paper. AquaStop™ is part of Smurfit Kappa’s new TechniPaper® portfolio, which consists of a range of high-performance papers suitable for complex supply chains. Thanks to a special coating added to it during the manufacturing process, AquaStop™ paper is water repellent. Unlike many other coatings, the product can be recycled like conventional paper-based packaging. AquaStop™ is Smurfit Kappa’s latest innovation in its Better Planet Packaging Initiative, which is developing sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. The paper’s water resistance makes it suitable for eCommerce packaging as well as for products such as flowers and detergents; or for fruits and vegetables that need temporary protection from water. The fact that the appropriately coated box remains intact and protects the contents even in humid environments makes it an excellent solution for the transport and storage of refrigerated products exposed to condensation.

Lars Henriksson, Vice President of Product Development at Smurfit Kappa Paper Division, said of the new product: “We are very excited about AquaStop™ and believe it is a truly revolutionary paper. We expect AquaStop™ to be of interest to many of our customers, especially those who transport goods in demanding environments, as they can be assured that their products will remain in perfect condition even when exposed to water.”

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