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Artificial intelligence. A free online course offered by the DIHK

We come across artificial intelligence every day in many different forms – whether as a recommendation on a mobile phone, or through the interactive Alexa. But what influence does it actually have on our lives? How is AI created in the first place? What can it do, and what can it not do? And how will it develop in the coming years? The Finnish management consultancy Reaktor, together with the University of Helsinki, has developed an online course called “The Elements of AI”. The aim is to teach people about AI in a structured step-by-step manner, to allay fears and to help people make use of AI. Since 2019, the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (AHK Finland) together with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK e.V.) has made this course available in Germany as well. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and visual diagrams, and is very user-friendly in its overall design. Six modules cover different aspects of the topic – from the definition of artificial intelligence and problem solving through to real applications and types of machine learning. Participants determine their own learning pace – they can choose to follow the six-week plan, or to work through the modules in their own time. More than 350,000 people from 170 countries have already registered for the course, which proves how relevant this topic is to us today.

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