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A glance at the publication by Christian von Reventlow and Philipp Thesen

Artificial intelligence, digitalisation, design. Design Talks 2019

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are generating new business models, products and services, and are changing the way we lead our lives. While only buzz words are making the rounds in the media, the new technologies are confronting designers and entrepreneurs directly with the question of how they can use these technologies in a sensible and responsible manner. To advance public dialogue about relevant issues, the German Design Council is continuing its series Design Talks. Moderated by the journalist Martina Metzner, the discussions with various designers and entrepreneurs based in the German state of Hesse offer illuminating insights into the design industry. The new series kicks off on 16 October 2019 with a reading and a discussion with Professor Philipp Thesen on the topic “Humanising Technologies: AI and Design”. This first talk will be based on the latest publication by Philip Thesen and Christian Reventlow, entitled «The Digital Shift. Design’s new role as artificial intelligence transforms into personal intelligence». Further Design Talks are scheduled for November 27 and December 3. The Design Talks are sponsored by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing. The talks are free of charge, although participants are required to register.

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