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Brands can make use of artificial intelligence – for brand communication, brand design, brand management. The AI universe is large, the tools and possibilities numerous. We highlight individual aspects that can help brands – from simple practical tips to an AI-supported revolution in brand design.

By Katharina Kunze, gmk Markenberatung

Künstliche Intelligenz im Marketing

Chatbots: AI Becomes the Brand’s Persona

AI-driven chatbots not only increase the efficiency of customer support – they are also touchpoints that decisively shape the brand experience. With AI support, customer requests can be answered quickly and in a targeted manner. Another advantage of AI: brands can assign a persona to their chatbot, so that the chatbot speaks in the spirit and tone of the brand. A moment not to be underestimated – apart from the fact that customers are (hopefully) helped quickly via the chatbot, they have a typical, consistent brand experience here. Whether OMQ Chatbot, melibo or Chathero: There are numerous providers for chatbot software. Companies should define exactly what their requirements are before deciding on a provider: Should the chatbot operate on the website? Or also in social media? The goals should also be clearly set, for example whether the virtual assistant should answer frequently asked questions or actively generate leads in conversation with interested parties.

Brainstorming and Ideation: Low-Level Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI can help accelerate creative processes in brand communication, starting with brainstorming. For example, ChatGPT provides a list of ideas for requests such as “Give me seven creative marketing ideas for the introduction of a new e-car”. Certainly, the results also include standard formulations. But an initial, AI-generated collection of ideas can be a good springboard for further brainstorming.

Other tools, such as the all-in-one tool Mindverse, have brainstorming functions that generate mind maps. This allows you to control brainstorming in a targeted way by selecting an interesting node in the mind map and generating further associations, questions or ideas for it.

AI offers brand management teams the possibility to use brainstorming without much effort and thus accelerate ideation. Prompts for idea generation can be formulated relatively simple, also because it usually helps to think more broadly in ideation and corresponding prompts therefore do not have to be formulated in a small way.

Automated Text Creation – but Brand-Specific

Automated text creation with AI text generators is one of the big topics for brand communication. With tools such as Neuroflash, Jasper or Copy.ai, content can be generated in various formats and, ideally, content performance can even be increased. The possibilities are numerous. With focus on the brand and brand-typical communication, however, a central aspect is the creation of text in the respective brand language, in the brand’s tone of voice. Currently (depending on the tool), the target group, tone of voice and style can be set or keywords to be used can be specified. The quality of the texts varies and also depends significantly on how experienced users are in using the respective tool. However, AI text generators can be real timesavers. Nevertheless, experienced copywriters are (still) needed to refine and finalise the generated texts – and not least to assess the desired brand fit or to produce it in the desired quality.

The Next Big Thing: Your Own “Brand Muse”

Brand designers need inspiration to create new products or designs. They often get this inspiration from Behance or Pinterest. A lot of time is lost in the search – and the vast majority of creatives use the same sources of inspiration. The start-up cre[ai]tion wants to offer personalised inspiration feeds for creatives, with an AI-based platform. The idea: Many brands have creative data treasures, for example in the form of sketches and product or even campaign designs. The AI can be fed with this data so that it “learns” the brand DNA and the corporate design. cre[ai]tion generates customised design proposals “that have never existed before”, according to the creators. The platform is currently in the beta phase: www.creaition.io

AI Will Improve the Interaction of Brands with their Target Groups

AI development is rapid, the possibilities for brands and brand management are increasing daily – from the mentioned AI service chatbots to Big Data, AI-supported customer analytics that revolutionise the entire brand management. SMEs in particular can also benefit from the new tools, as they can save time and make brand communication more performant. The requirement for this is a differentiated examination of AI in the company – and not least the examination of (data protection) legal aspects in AI-supported marketing automation.

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