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press Stefan Diez for Magis Spa, Costume, 2021
Application-Sample-Textile-Coating (Project Black Liquor by Esther Kaya Stögerer (Textile and Surface Design), Jannis Kempkens (Product Design), © Esther Kaya Stögerer und Jannis Kempkens

New materials have repeatedly provided the impetus for surprising solutions in design. Today, ecologically safe and biodegradable or recyclable substances and materials play an increasingly important role in the development and design of sustainable products. It is noticeable that designers are not only increasingly using alternative materials, but are also researching more sustainable and innovative materials and processing methods themselves. In cooperation with bayern design, the Neues Museum Nuremberg is showing a design exhibition on the topic of new materials from April 21 to September 3 in the six facade rooms already visible from Klarissenplatz. “Material+” uses objects, research projects and speculative designs to explore the question of which materials are needed today and in the future and how they can be produced and used sustainably.

Three chapters present objects in which new materials have been researched and applied as materials and design elements. The exhibition, they say, looks at different facets of the material cycle: from resource extraction and processing, application and use, to recycling or return to natural environments. In this way, it becomes clear that sustainable design does not focus solely on the selection of new materials. Rather, it takes into account the entire cycle of materials.

On May 16, the Neues Museum Nuremberg will also host the event “Perspectives by Design” which will feature short lectures and discussions with international designers and their work with innovative materials. Beyond the functionality and aesthetics of the materials, the aim is also to make changes in the use of materials and resources visible. Nitzan Cohen and Katrin Krupka are among the participants.

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