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The “Taiwan International Student Design Competition” has been organised since 2010. Organised by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, the competition aims to promote young talent, increase exchange through the participation of international jury members and promote art and design education in Taiwan. In addition to other international design organisations, the German Design Council is also a cooperation partner of the competition. The Ministry also aims to improve the quality of universities, promote the diverse development opportunities of higher education and encourage co-operation between industry, universities and research institutes.

Na Yu Jin, Kim Hyerim and Kim gyuri from the University of Ulsan in South Korea won the “Grand Prix” of ther Taiwan International Student Design Competition“ 2023 for the design of a “guide sign” that is attached to emergency vehicles in the event of an accident to regulate the flow of traffic at the scene of the accident and protect eyewitnesses. As the sign is fitted with a magnetic plate, it can be easily removed from the emergency vehicle. Yunho Kim, Susanna Kim, Seungwhan Ra, Youngsuh Yoo, Seoyoung Lee were honoured with the gold award in the “Product Design” category for their design of a wheelchair with combined child seat modules that enables comfortable and carefree family outings. In Visual Design, first prize was awarded to Yi-Xuan Xie, Tzu-ling Kuo, Tz-Chi Mao and Yu-Ru Hsu from Taiwan for a design that incorporates “the cultural stories, colours and environmental images of each tribe” into the design, promoting “the value and significance of the indigenous culture of reverence for the mountains and oceans”. Yen-Ling Chen, Jo-Ti Lee, Yu-Ting Huang, Wei-Ju Wang and Ting-Xiu Chen from the National Taiwan University of the Arts were awarded gold in the field of digital animation for their story told in the style of a picture book, which depicts the tug-of-war between self and reality as experienced by young people in Taiwan in the 1960s and 1970s. Last but not least, Kai-Chieh Hsueh, Zhong-Wei Lin, Yu-Ting Chen and Hsun-Yu Chang from the Taipei University of Education were honoured with the “TPCA Environment Sustainability Special Award” for the concept of modular floats, which simplifies the complex process of oyster farming and helps to prevent accidents at work.

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