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Porsche 917 Living Legend (2013) © Porsche AG

Porsche is opening the gates to its development centre’s archives with a series entitled “Porsche Unseen”. For the first time ever, it is presenting 15 previously secret design studies and spectacular vehicle visions from between 2005 and 2019. The studies cover the segments “Spin-Offs”, “Little Rebels”, “Hypercars” and “What’s Next?”, offering an insight into the design process. “The timeless and innovative design of our sports cars inspires people across the world,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Porsche AG Executive Board, “Visionary concept studies form the basis for this success. They are the pool of ideas for the Porsche design of tomorrow and combine our strong heritage with pioneering, futuristic technologies.”

The studies can be used to retrace the design process from the first sketch to the 1:1 scale hard model. “Our visions are not about putting every car on the road. Rather, they are about creating space for possibilities and establishing a relationship with the future,” says Michael Mauer, Head of Style at Porsche, adding, “There are two options to keep developing as a brand: first, you can improve your products based on the present day, step by step. It is hard to be truly innovative with such a process. Second, you can give your creativity free rein. The idea here is to jump forward conceptually to the day after tomorrow and then move backwards from there to tomorrow.”

The Porsche Newsroom is presenting design studies such as the Porsche 919 Street, the Porsche Vision Spyder and the Vision “Race Service”, a free interpretation of a family-friendly spatial concept for up to six people, in an exclusive series of articles. The “9:11 Magazine” online TV format has devoted an episode to selected studies and, together with Porsche’s chief designer Michael Mauer, it examines the connection between studies and current models in production. Meanwhile the book Porsche Unseen, published by Delius Klasing, presents the design studies in detail with photography by Stefan Bogner and text by Jan Karl Baedeker. Several of the studies will also be available to marvel at in person with an exhibition at the Porsche Museum in 2021.

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