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The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) are quite active when it comes to marketing and branding. The latest coup: BVG is going under the fashion designers. Those who want to dress appropriately for the new seat pattern design (ndion of 22 December 2021 and 20 July 2022) – and more or less merge visually with the seat pattern during the journey – can now do so: “The new pattern,” says BVG, “has not only made positive headlines in Berlin, we have also been present with our message throughout Germany. Inspired by this, the well-known fashion label QS by s.Oliver produced fashion for BVG. This resulted in their own streetwear collection (link in German), in which the new, colourful pattern was incorporated into every single piece of clothing.” It goes without saying that the jumpers, T-shirts and jackets are not adorned with the little worm pattern from the 1980s, which BVG is no longer allowed to use after losing a legal battle with the pattern’s designer.

To go with the collection, a poster campaign and an ironic commercial were launched featuring quirky party kids posing in the grass verge bushes, smooching on the underground, a rubbish bag flying around and lots of rhinestones sparkling. “High fashion from the underground. When BVG makes fashion, it’s typically BVG – typically Berlin,” says Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, creative director Jung von Matt SAGA. “And that’s why the campaign shows iconic scenes from the fashion world, which then humorously become ‘streetwear’ by meeting the unadorned, real Berlin.”

“Perhaps,” designtagebuch (link in German) comments on the campaign, “one or the other will wonder why a municipal transport company is launching a streetwear collection. What does BVG expect from this? Well – in this case, it’s not about competing with other fashion labels or even outranking them. This kind of expansion of the brand world, called brand stretching, serves above all to increase the attractiveness of BVG and to strengthen customer loyalty. The hope on the part of those responsible for such marketing activities is that some of the glamour from the fashion world might rub off on their own brand.” The limited collection is available at Zalando and in a pop-up store next to the BVG customer centre in the Alexanderplatz underground station. While stocks last.

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