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"Between the Trees." - Exhibition at MAKK
© Anna-Koppmann

Trees are of fundamental importance for urban space and greenery in the city: they clean the air, provide shade and cooling, regulate the rainwater balance, prevent soil erosion, provide habitats for animals – and also help to make streets and other urban areas appear livable rather than bare and forbidding. At the same time, trees themselves are increasingly affected in many ways by the effects of the climate crisis. But trees also play an important role in design and art. Here it is used as a symbol, serves as a source of inspiration or as a material that can be used in many ways. The exhibition “Between the Trees” (link in German) at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (MAKK) from February 3 to April 16 aims to bring all these aspects together. Using the example of international projects and works from the fields of design and art, the exhibition aims to convey an awareness “of the essential basis of life that trees in urban spaces represent for humans and animals.” Specifically, the aim is to “increase the appreciation and integration of the tree in the urban context or urban space.”

Selected projects and works by Andreas Greiner, Anna Koppmann, Atelier NL, Dan Hoopert, ecoLogicStudio, Ellen Bornkessel, FormaFantasma, Giuseppe Licari, Jasper Morrison, Johanna Seelemann, Klára Šumová, Klaus Littman, Konstantin Grcic, Melissa Acker, Pierre Ramaekers, Raumlabor Berlin, Robert Voit and Solar Visuals present, according to the announcement, “the tree as a material, functional and aesthetic form-giving inspiration.” Thematically, the projects addressed “issues of climate change, material availability and use (material wood, foliage or alternatives), bionics, domestication of nature and urban planning.” The show is accompanied by a supporting program of lectures, guided tours and workshops.

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