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In Germany and worldwide: The most valuable brands in the Brand Finance Ranking 2022.
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In the Brand Finance ranking of the 500 most valuable brands, no fewer than seven US companies have made it into the top ten, some with impressive growth rates. With a value of 355 billion US dollars by now, Apple not only defends 1st place in the ranking of the London-based consultancy for brand valuation and brand analysis; the tech company has also increased its brand value by 35% compared to the previous year. Amazon and Google also grew and maintained their places in the ranking behind Apple. Like Apple, Amazon’s brand value also exceeded the 300 billion mark. Although the company struggled with global supply chain issues and a labour shortage, its value grew 38% to $350.3 billion. Google, in third place, also saw its brand value grow by 38% to US$263.4 billion.

The other places are occupied by Microsoft with a brand value of 184 billion USD and a plus of 31%, the retail chain Walmart (111 billion USD, plus 20%) and the South Korean technology group Samsung (107 billion USD, plus 4.5%). Facebook ranks seventh (USD 101 billion, up 24%) ahead of China’s ICBC (USD 75 billion, up 3.2%), Huawei (USD 71 billion, up 28%) and Verizon (USD 69 billion, up 1%). US companies continue to dominate the overall ranking: of the 500 most valuable brands, 198 are from the United States. China, the second most valuable nation, is represented by just 84 brands, followed by Japan (31), France (28), Germany (25) and the United Kingdom (22). Also in terms of the nations contributing the most brand value to the ranking, the US leads with 48.6%, followed by China (19.3%), Germany (5.9%), Japan (5.7%) and France (3.6%).

The German ranking within the Brand Finance Global 500 is led by Mercedes-Benz and Deutsche Telekom. The most valuable German brand is Mercedes-Benz with a value of 60.7 billion USD and a plus of 4%, which means 15th place in a global comparison. Close behind is Deutsche Telekom, which has now increased its brand value to USD 60.2 billion (plus 18%). It is followed by Allianz (45.2 billion USD, up 10.6%), Volkswagen (41 billion USD, down 12.7%) and BMW (37.9 billion USD, down 6.2%). The retail sector in Germany made strong gains: Edeka (plus 63%) and Lidl (plus 59%) were able to increase their brand value the most. Kaufland (plus 43%) and Aldi (plus 24%) are two other food retailers in the ranking of the fastest-growing German brands. Delivery Hero and Zalando have grown the most since 2020; their brand value has quadrupled and doubled respectively in the past two years.

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands using metrics to evaluate marketing investment, stakeholder equity and business performance. According to these criteria, WeChat remains the strongest brand in the world, retaining this title for the second consecutive year with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 93.3 out of 100 and a corresponding AAA+ rating. Coca-Cola, Google, YouTube and Naver follow in the other places. Ferrari is in seventh place, ahead of Amazon. Apple ranks 21st in this category with a rating of AAA.

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