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Be it a recruitment drive, brand marketing or a product launch – companies need to be good storytellers in their brand communication. Whether they are talking about their services and values, appealing to their target group with humour or demonstrating the real-life benefits of what they offer, successful campaigns are now increasingly focused on individual presentation with powerful messages.

The following campaigns were recognised at the 2020 German Brand Awards for their authentic storytelling, creativity and versatility.

Double recognition: the “Unlock Life” content campaign from Lime was chosen as the “Best of Best” at the 2020 German Brand Awards in the “Brand Effect of the Year” category and was awarded “Gold” in the “Brand Communication – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising” category.

Product launch: impressing with versatile content

Electric scooters have become firmly established as an extra way of moving around our cities and there is corresponding competition among the providers in this market segment. The international market leader Lime has had brilliant success in Germany with its global “Unlock Life” content campaign. The chosen creative agency Foundry used authentic portraits of city dwellers, personal stories and local and socially relevant themes with humorous headlines.

The jury of the German Brand Awards, which selected the project for the highest distinction of “Best of Best” in the “Brand Effect of the Year” category praised the coherent connection between social commitment, personal freedom and individual mobility: “In addition to the campaign themes with personal and authentic-looking stories of real city dwellers, the topic of driver safety training also rates very highly. With “Unlock Life”, Lime credibly demonstrates that the brand stands for more than CO2-neutral micromobility and sharing. Basic values such as individual freedom, local social commitment or the sense of community differentiates the brand and creates a real unique selling proposition.”

The digital experience platform for the Johanniter Air Rescue, winner of the “Gold” distinction at the 2020 German Brand Awards in the “Brand Communication – Web & Mobile” category.

Digital campaign: bringing the virtual realm to life

The innovative “Virtual Johanniter Air Rescue” experience platform developed by the agency media tools provides varied insights into the world of the air rescue service and makes use of various digital opportunities. Visitors use a PC, mobile device or VR headset to find out details about the values, skills and services of the aid organisation, which operates across Europe. Whether it’s rescue flights, organ transport, a transfer for a premature baby or an infectious patient – everything can be experienced digitally.

In the jury’s statement on the project, which was awarded the “Gold” distinction in the “Web & Mobile” category of the German Brand Awards, they said: “The opportunity to experience and learn about the world of the Johanniter Air Rescue virtually was impressively implemented in terms of form, content and technology. The users can immerse themselves in a 360° view of the workplaces and helicopters, look around and “accompany” the rescuers during their frequent life-saving missions. It’s a cutting-edge tool, which helps to increase awareness for the work of the air rescue service.”

The recruitment campaign from the Berlin public transport company BVG won “Gold” at the 2020 German Brand Awards in the “Employer Branding Activities & Campaigns” category.

Employer branding: scoring points with humour and creativity

The Berlin public transport company BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe has long been known for its funny and creative advertisements. The latest recruitment campaign, designed by Die Botschaft Communication is no exception. With amusing slogans and plays on words about reaching the end of the line or going off the rails, the company demonstrates wit and likeable self-deprecation as an employer, in the hope of tackling the impending lack of skilled workers. The result was significantly more applicants and significantly more hires.

The jury of the 2020 German Brand Awards awarded the BVG “Gold” in the “Employer Branding Activities & Campaigns” category: “As an employer, the BVG has to deal with a lack of skilled workers. This was successfully counteracted beyond all measure with an unparalleled recruitment drive where the core values of the BVG as an employer were translated into an emotive campaign in quite an original manner. The campaign was distributed over all relevant touchpoints and led to a wave of applications. It received awesome feedback, through which the BVG was able to gain even more relevance and visibility among the target group as an employer, believably differentiate itself from the competition, and position itself as one of Berlin’s top employers.”

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