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BraunPrize 2021
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Braun is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and the company has also announced the 21st international BraunPrize design competition. It is scheduled to open for entries in July with a virtual awards ceremony taking place in October 2021. Established in 1968, the BraunPrize was Germany’s first international competition to have an aim of promoting the work of young designers. Following the principle of “Good Design”, Braun connects the past with the present and links it to the future, too. The principle contends that good design is intuitive, useful and long-lasting, and Braun believes that it is just as relevant in 2021 as it was 100 years ago. The company also believes that good design has the power to influence the future in a positive way. This year the call is for concepts from young talent that can make life better. The prize money has been increased to USD 100,000, which is further evidence of Braun’s commitment to promoting up-and-coming design talent.

Design plays a key role for Generation Z, as a study by Braun of 2,500 young adults in five countries shows. Seventy-eight per cent of participants said that user-friendliness and accessibility – meaning the possibility for anyone to use a product regardless of age, experience or physical handicaps – are the two most important areas in which sophisticated design makes a critical difference. Good design is intuitive and useful. Everyone can understand and use it to make an individual’s life better and, by extension, everyone’s future.

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