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Burg Giebichenstein starts a podcast on design education of the future

Entitled “Hurra Hurra”, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is launching a podcast featuring conversations that deal with current positions and questions in design. In it, Christian Zöllner, professor of design methods and experimentation at Burg, discusses positions on the role and responsibility of design and questions pertaining to education with guests from the world of design and art. When is design truly social? What is it capable of achieving if it creates neither objects nor products? Consumption-critical design is discussed along with the significance of form and materiality in 21st-century design. In the first episode of “Hurra Hurra” – a design podcast, Zöllner talks with designer Vivien Tauchmann about “the body as a communicating tool in dematerialised formats of design practice”. Having studied social design in Eindhoven, Tauchmann currently lives in Leipzig and Istanbul and is studying sociopolitical relationships using a kinaesthetic approach. Her “self-as-other training” deals with the possibility of initiating critical self-reflection and provoking behavioural change through the active embodiment of the “other” in choreographed storylines. The idea for a design podcast from Burg came about during the Hurra Hurra Festival for 21st-century design education, which took place in Halle in October 2019 and concentrated on the evolution of the teaching of design. Many of the designers and academics invited to the festival also feature in the podcast as guests.

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