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California by Design. A documentary

California is seen as a hub for creative development and successful innovation, and not just within the United States. From Charles and Ray Eames to Yves Béhar, with his “studio fuseproject”, through to Jonathan Ive and Apple, many successful, internationally renowned designers and design-driven companies have been based in the West Coast state, or currently have their headquarters there. What is the secret behind “Designs from California”? What projects are currently being pursued there? The documentary California by Design explores the phenomenon of design and its commercial function. Together with the Industrial Designers Society of America, IDSA, an episodic format has been developed which showcases the people and companies behind the 33 most important innovations in and around design. The spectrum ranges from lifestyle products to service offerings, through to solutions in the medical technology field. The series launches on 4 April, on the TV channel FOX 2.

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