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What do other designers quote their customers for a home page? When developing a corporate design for a start-up, how much does a designer need to charge to make a profit? How long does it take to design a fashion collection, a workshop or a briefing? How much should a text cost for different media? And, last but not least, what’s the situation regarding usage rights and licensing? Questions like these are raised in just about every design project. The answers can be found in the new collective wage agreement (VTV Design) from the Alliance of German Designers (AGD). The calculation tool has been a recognised resource for self-employed designers and design agencies across all disciplines for over forty years, helping them to calculate appropriate pricing that reflects market rates. Designers at the start of their career can use it to support their negotiations with clients. The VTV has now been fully revised and made available as an online app. Using it is straightforward: users search for examples in the database, selecting tasks as appropriate to create their own list of design services. They can then use the hourly rate calculator to figure out how many euros they need to charge per hour to support a happy and contented life.

The AGD’s managing director, Victoria Ringleb, explained: “It’s very important to us that the new VTV Design does more than simply digitise a book. Rather, it provides an online app that meets the needs of modern, digital usage cases in terms of content, structure and design. Key to this approach is the idea that the app will be continuously improved not only by the AGD’s innovation lab, but by the whole design community.”

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