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Common knowledge – the theme of the 2019 Ljubljana Biennial

We currently live in a knowledge-based society. But how do we acquire this knowledge? What information can we trust? Is “fake news” being spread? Does our information come from dubious sources? Can it be verified, or has it been intentionally manipulated? There is a long list of questions regarding the authenticity of the foundation on which our knowledge is based. The 26th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana addresses the issue with this year’s theme: Common Knowledge. From 14 November 2019 to 9 February 2020 a large number of events and exhibitions will explore the role of design in conveying knowledge, and will pose the question of just how valid that knowledge is. The organisers have selected six projects which explore the issue from the different perspectives, focusing on libraries, museums, universities, nursing homes, botanical gardens and daily newspapers. The central exhibition at the MAO Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana will present works by Superflux, Carsten Nicolai, Dunne & Raby, Otto Neurath, Orson Welles, Victor Papanek, Forensic Architecture and Otl Aicher, among others.

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