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ITS World Congress: Continental presents three new robotic vehicles for the mobility of tomorrow.
Contadino works autonomously in the fleet and virtually serves as a personal butler for every plant in the field, © 2021 Continental AG

At the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg, the focus is currently on the future of mobility. Innovative solutions for intelligent transport systems will be presented at the international industry platform until 15 October. The company Continental is showing pioneering robotics technologies that can support people in various fields of application. Three so-called AMR vehicles (Autonomous Mobile Robots) will be presented as prototypes: The Continental Corriere is a small delivery robot for transporting groceries or packages in urban areas. Behind the Continental Contadino is an agricultural robot that can sow, plant and fertilise autonomously. The third robot was developed for use in intralogistics, i.e. for support in production plants or logistics centres.

Intelligent transport robots from Continental, from 2022 also in series production for external customers, © 2021 Continental AG

“Continental’s appearance at the ITS Congress shows that intelligent mobility does not just mean transporting people from A to B,” explains Michael Hülsewies, Senior Vice President and Head of Architecture & Software at Continental. “Innovative mobility also means meeting the challenges of higher logistics volumes, implementing sustainable ideas for the transport and distribution of goods and offering smart solutions that support resource-efficient production of food in agriculture. For all these areas, robotics applications are an ideal complement to existing structures.”

The delivery robot Corriere, © 2021 Continental AG

The Corriere weighs just under 40 kilograms, is about 30 centimetres high and is already in test use in Singapore, where it transports food from a restaurant to Continental’s local site. The delivery robot moves completely autonomously and self-sufficiently through the traffic. To do this, it is equipped with technologies that have already proven themselves in car mobility. The Contadino for agricultural use is somewhat larger, but at a maximum of 100 kilograms it is still significantly lighter than conventional agricultural machines. In combination with a sowing, planting or fertilising module, the Contadino has a total weight of around 250 kilograms with compact dimensions, which allows gentle tillage of the soil. It works autonomously in the fleet and, thanks to an innovative satellite communication system and networking with weather apps, for example, it can target each plant precisely to within three centimetres. Continental’s autonomous intralogistics robot AMR works more behind the scenes and automates the flow of materials in production plants, warehouses or logistics centres. Initially developed for use in its own plants, the AMR autonomously executes transport orders, can avoid obstacles and calculate alternative routes. As with the Contadino, an optional fleet management system can coordinate several units.

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