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Copenhagen is World Capital of Architecture 2023
Danish Architecture Centre Photo: Rasmus Hjortshoj

Denmark is seen by many as a role model, not only in terms of design and interior style. Denmark also has a different focus when it comes to architecture and urban planning. The idea of community and the participation of citizens in architecture are traditionally in the foreground. Well-designed urban spaces become outdoor living rooms, creating cohesion in the neighborhood. So how does architecture influence the way we interact with each other? How can it strengthen a sense of community, and when does it have the opposite effect? Who decides what architecture should look like? Copenhagen has been named the “World Capital of Architecture” for 2023. The “Danish Architecture Center” (DAC) acts as the starting point and main partner of the multifaceted program. A wide range of activities and exhibitions are offered throughout the year. The spectrum ranges from city tours that introduce the architectural history of Copenhagen, to an educational program in schools and various exhibitions, to an international congress.

The “DAC Architecture Run – Copenhagen Light Festival” on February 17 is an exploratory run where you can walk through buildings and alleys, along paths and stairs, through gardens and parks, and discover Denmark’s architecture and a series of light installations – with a focus on the surroundings and without timing. The DAC’s major summer exhibition, “What We Have in Common,” is explicitly about “what we have in common – namely architecture.” Presented is “a broad spectrum of Danish architects who are shaping Denmark today and in the future.” It is, according to the announcement, “about Copenhagen and about communities: those we belong to, those we form in the city, and those we think we have lost” – in “large and small ways.” It revolves around plazas and urban spaces “that foster the close-knit community of a village in the big city, to student housing created from old shipping containers with spacious communal areas.” Then, from July 2-6, architects from around the world will travel to Copenhagen to participate in the UIA World Congress of Architects. And in November, the exhibition “Aware” will open in collaboration with 3XN/GXN. The show will playfully explore and question architecture in a 1:1 spatial installation, how the spaces we move in affect us, and how the non-verbal language of architecture determines atmosphere and shapes moods.

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