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Nadine Vicentini, bayern design Managing Director, at the presentation of the Social Design Days.
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“Social design is increasingly becoming the focus of sustainable design policy and practice. Consciously addressing social challenges through design is proving to be just as essential as creating solutions that promote social participation and benefit society as a whole. From 11 to 13 October, the first “Social Design Days Nuremberg” (SDD) will be dedicated to the topic “Adequate Work for All”. According to the information provided, questions will be discussed “how we can design an ideal working world that offers adequate work for all, and which hurdles we have to overcome together on the way there”. The SDD is intended to create a space for learning, designing and exchanging, where participants can engage theoretically and practically with the design of a socially relevant topic area in workshops, a design jam and at a symposium. The “Social Design Days” organised by “bayern design” are promoted and supported by the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia and the Nuremberg City Economic Development Agency. Company representatives from all sectors in the fields of human resources development and strategy, designers from all disciplines and interested members of the public are invited to attend.

With the topic “Decent Work for All”, which is equally relevant for employers and employees, the SDDs tie in with the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations (SDG). Two workshops will provide practical knowledge and strategically applicable methodology: On 11 October, “The Working World of a New Generation” will focus on developments such as skills shortages, values, innovation and transformational performance, and ask “what makes GenZ tick”. One day later, “Social Design Methods for Designers” will focus on how fields of work can change in order to contribute more to the social-ecological transformation. At the “Social Design Jam”, interdisciplinary teams from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region will develop design solutions for two challenges around the SDD’s central theme. The results will be presented on 13 October at the concluding symposium in the Neues Museum Nuremberg.

The symposium itself attempts to place the central theme in a social context by means of keynote speeches. During the symposium, the “IHK Innovation Award for Skilled Workers” will also be awarded, which recognises “innovative and committed companies in Middle Franconia” that creatively and effectively counter the shortage of skilled workers. The five award winners will take part in a panel discussion and present their projects in the form of a poster exhibition.

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