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Design and Innovation Trends 2020 by Fjord

Another trend report for 2020: Accenture Interactive’s Fjord agency has just published its forecast of Trends in Design and Innovation. The agency has identified seven key areas that deserve a special mention. The rethinking and large-scale realignment of the foundations for a growth-oriented economy which weaves together economics and politics, capitalism and resources, technology and society, is turning out to be a mega-trend. This should definitely not be interpreted as a bad thing, but rather seized as a unique opportunity to develop innovative business models, services and products on the basis of newly defined values. In the future, growth (Trend 1: Many faces of growth) will present many different faces, moving away from being measured simply in monetary terms. The importance of money (Trend 2: Money changers) will increasingly shift towards the digital world; new products and new services will replace traditional ways of paying for products and services. Technologies enabling facial recognition and behavioural control (Trend 3: Walking barcodes) will make life increasingly easier, with 5G technology creating a more physical experience, as well as digital data. We will also see a growing emphasis (Trend 4: Liquid people) on deciding what we want to buy and do. In trying to retain customers and employees, the work-life balance will become a major challenge for companies. AI (Trend 5: Designing intelligence) is expected not only to increase efficiency in the future, but to also support people’s abilities. Brands (Trend 6: Digital doubles) will be challenged to enter into dialogue with our digital doppelgangers. And, last but not least, (Trend 7: Life-centred design) we are all being asked to do more for the community, to shift our perspective from “me” to “we”. As a bonus, the trend report includes numerous sources which those who are interested can consult for themselves.

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