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Design and science fiction: A new magazine from England

Design and science fiction have always been closely affiliated with one another. Visions of the future, such as those presented in literary and philosophical works, in architectural designs, images, radio dramas and films, have been and continue to be used by designers to turn ideas and concepts – from the bright and utopian to the dark and dystopian –  into innovative products. The premiere issue of Visions, a new London-based magazine about design and science fiction, takes a look at several concepts surrounding the idea of »home«. The new publication serves up a collection of old and new writing combined with work by designers and researchers, as well as computer-generated stories, a revived typeface, fascinating illustrations, comics and more. With a unique mix of existing and novel perspectives, the publishers of Visions hope to revitalise the discussion about science fiction’s potential role in shaping the future. The originator of the idea for the magazine is Matthieu Triay, a creative technologist with a background in computer science, design and user experience.

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