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Design and technology. Pininfarina and Blimp develop system for preventative healthcare

Italian design firm Pininfarina has entered a strategic partnership with start-up Blimp to develop integrated solutions for the post-COVID-19 era. The company, a specialist in artificial intelligence, is part of e-Novia, the “Enterprises Factory” based in Milan. Pininfarina and Blimp are seeking to offer a joint system to analyse flows of people that connects physical and digital design with each other. Doing this will make it possible to verify and monitor anti-COVID-19 measures in all indoor and outdoor spaces, be they in public transport, at railway stations and airports, or in offices, factories and shops. Silvio Angori, CEO of Pininfarina, says that the two firms together could offer a solution that is the perfect fit for the requirements of a “new normality” through the design of new spaces and equipping them with digital measurement systems. The Beat-19 technology from Blimp is intended to ensure compliance with measures for stopping the virus’ spread while protecting privacy. According to the company, the technology makes it possible to identify large groups of people in public spaces in real time and disperse them with acoustic signals. It also makes it possible to monitor queues in front of a building or bus stop, check face mask usage, measure body temperature and record compliance with physical-distancing rules. The system consists of a sensor for data capture and a cloud platform. “Our partnership with Pininfarina is an extraordinary union between Italian design and technology,” comments Blimp founder, Alex Buzzetti. “It is an important step towards the creation of sustainable and intelligent urban environments, permeated by micro-services enabled by AI technologies and dedicated to improving well-being and quality of life.” There are no findings regarding the acceptance among inhabitants or data protection advocates as yet.

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