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The 21st India Design Summit is dedicated to the circular economy.
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The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has long sought to drive India’s development. In doing so, the CII not only works closely with the government to improve industry efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities. It also provides a platform to exchange views on important issues and to network internationally. To this end, the CII has been organising the CII-NID Design Summit, an international event on current aspects of design, since 2001 in association with the National Institute of Design (NID), which has since been renamed the India Design Summit.

The theme of the current 21st India Design Summit, to be held digitally from 8-10 December, is “Design for the Circular Economy”. Such design, according to the announcement, essentially involves improvements in material selection and product design. This includes standardisation and modularisation of components, cleaner material flows and easier disassembly. A good circular design allows a product to go through several life cycles with minimal loss of value, quality and energy: “A circular economy is based on the principles of designing processes and products without waste and pollution, the longevity of products and materials, and the regeneration of natural systems. Accordingly, he said, circular economy is based on four pillars: Collaboration, Design, Reverse Logistics and Adapted Business Models. “Designers,” it says, “now need to think about the whole life cycle of a product and gather information from all partners to design a truly circular product.”

The German Design Council is one of the international partners of the Summit. In addition to Donald A. Norman (former founding director of the Design Lab at the University of California in San Diego and Vice President of Apple) Dr. Christian Haessler (VP, Head Global Circular Economy Program of Covestro), Udayant Malhoutra (CEO and Managing Director of the design, development and production company Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.), and Prof. Ursula Tischner, a specialist in eco, circular and sustainable design of products, services and systems, Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, is also among the speakers at the Summit.

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