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When it comes to construction projects, architects come to mind as a matter of course. They are responsible for the design and are specifically trained for this. But what is the situation when it comes to designing digitalisation projects? Who is responsible here? Where and how can the necessary skills be acquired? With a “Digital Design Manifesto”, the digital association Bitcom has campaigned for the establishment of an independent “digital designer” job profile. Five years after the idea of a “self-confident design profession” became a reality, the “Digital Design Yearbook 2023” takes stock of developments in the field of digital design. “Companies,” says Bitkom, “are advertising jobs for digital designers and offering further training in digital design. Universities are setting up degree programmes and professorships in digital design. An article has appeared on Wikipedia. And the first conferences on digital design are taking place.”

In March 2023, a workshop was therefore organised in Dessau at the Bauhaus on the topic of “Good design in the digital transformation”, to which experts from various fields were invited to discuss the state of affairs in the field of digital design. The Digital Design Yearbook 2023 now provides summarised information on the results. It is divided into three parts: Part I brings together four impulses from the board members who initiated the workshop in Dessau. Part II contains the written contributions of the invited guests and other contributions. Here, Thomas Immich addresses the question “Can designers and their ideas still be saved?” Dr Andrea Augsten argues under the title “The rise of design thinking invites transformative learning”, and Prof Janina Anjuli Schmidt focuses on “Deep Digital Design”. Stephan Ott’s contribution is entitled “Addressing – Interesting – Informing”, Dr Dr Florian Arnold talks about “Designing purposes instead of shaping functions”, and Georg-Christof Bertsch states: “Life lasts longer than beauty”. Part III contains the joint final declaration of all participants in the workshop and yearbook. The yearbook can be downloaded free of charge.

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