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Design Intelligence: ndion Podcast Jennifer Moosbrugger and Philipp Thesen

Jennifer Moosbrugger is an industrial designer and Head of UX-driven AI at Siemens Digital Industry. She is doing her doctorate on the topic of design and AI and deals with the question of what contribution design intelligence can make in AI development in industry. A conversation about design in the area of conflict between people, technology and business and about the relevance of design in AI development. Episode 11 of the ndion Podcast.

Design Intelligence at Siemens Digital Industry

The digital transformation is changing our world. The rise of artificial intelligence is not only giving rise to new business models, products and services, but it is ultimately changing our entire lives. Previously unimaginable technological possibilities are emerging – or are already available. How can design help to make these new technologies worth living with and contribute to a better future? What activities on the topic of Design Intelligence are being launched in this field in Germany’s largest industrial corporation, Siemens? A conversation about technology and the future, fears and promises of salvation, design successes and courage.

Please note: this podcast is in German.

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In the ndion podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from various industries and talks to with them about design, brand and innovation. They will be asked about the current challenges in transformation, megatrends and micro-tools, lessons learned and the most important dos and don’ts.

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