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XcelLine Papiermaschine
XcelLine paper machine © Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA 2021

Combining technical innovation and design is a challenge when creating large machines and complex systems, otherwise known as capital goods. The technology group Voith has produced a visionary design study to show how it envisages the paper production line of the future. As a full-line supplier, the company has considered all aspects of the paper production process to develop an integrated concept, improving efficiency, safety and sustainability; simplifying maintenance and operation of the system; reducing interfaces through greater interconnectedness and creating an appealing design for a consistent overall look. One particular focus of the new concept was the use of “clean design”, for example by improving cleanliness in the wet end. Having less contamination reduces the risk of unscheduled downtimes due to web breaks, while operational reliability and machine efficiency ensure that production runs smoothly. The better accessibility for work areas and the simplified maintenance procedures also mean that planned shutdowns can be used more efficiently.

“The goal of our long-term design study is to significantly improve efficiency and ease of maintenance across the entire production line,” says Dr Michael Trefz, CEO Group Division Paper at Voith Paper. “We are considering a wide variety of aspects, such as the degree of automation of the machine, the interconnectivity of various sections, better accessibility and greater safety as well as optimised availability. However, the materiality and an appealing design also play an important role in the concept.” The design study is a long-term project and will be implemented step by step over the coming months and years.

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