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Diseases and infections such as Covid-19 may in the future be able to be detected by taking multiple images (80-100 individual images when the photo trigger of the app is pressed once) with a smartphone. Apparently it can be done by an AI that processes the images to detect tiny and characteristic color changes in the dermis and match them with typical symptoms. SEMIC EyeScan® involves a patented non-invasive test method which, by using artificial intelligence that is also patented, is supposed to be able to determine if a test subject is infected with Covid-19 within just three to five minutes. The company says that it can achieve “sensitivity/specificity of 97%” by taking a photo of an eye with any smartphone using a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. In addition, the system can also identify an illness based on any conjunctivitis, pulse and body temperature of the test person..

Information about the basis on which the eye diagnostics works is provided by the company as follows: It only takes the raw image data and identifies it with a YUV color coding method. However, SEMIC does point out that its system “is not a rapid Covid-19 test within the meaning of the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance”, “does not yet comply with German Medical Product Act requirements” and does not yet carry a “CE marking” (Medical Product Act section 6(1)). An application has been submitted to authorise the eye scanner for EU usage.

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