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The current edition of the Digital Life Index reveals which factors and criteria are particularly important for consumers when shopping online.
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The trend to shop online and have goods delivered to one’s home is unbroken. Not least the Corona pandemic has made it impressively clear how important digital sales channels are for companies. Which factors and criteria are particularly important for consumers when shopping online is revealed, among other things, in the current edition of the Digital Life Index by the digital consultancy Publicis Sapient. One result of the study, which also examines financial services and telemedicine: The design and user-friendliness of a website can significantly influence the purchase decision.

People spend more time online than ever before: In Thailand, people spent 92% more time online than a year earlier, according to the Digital Life Index. In the United Arab Emirates it was 82%, in Singapore 74%. Among Generation Z, online activity increased by 71%, and among Millennials by 69%. In terms of e-commerce, the quality and convenience of the digital experience played an important role. Consumers preferred to shop with brands that make shopping quick and easy. Fast shipping (60%), easy-to-navigate websites or apps (48%) and simple return procedures (46%) are the most important factors for choosing a brand. Other findings regarding the customer journey and areas where expectations are high and where there is room for improvement in the end-to-end shopping experience: Only 38% of shoppers are satisfied with the ability to try on or try out products virtually. Less than half are satisfied with the ability to resolve issues with customer service. Although 70% of shoppers are generally satisfied with their online shopping experience, 68% abandon their cart when the checkout process is too confusing. Among these, 48% cite multi-step payment processes as a source of their frustration. Poor search functions (62%), slow loading times (60%) and unclear navigation (54%) are also among the annoyances.

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