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Digital applications have long been able to do more than entertain. They are interactive, offer a positive user experience and enable new services and forms of information. Some even aim to save lives, like the new Corona-Warn app from the Robert Koch Institute that is intended to break chains of infection. There are barely any limits to the variety of designs and uses for apps with added value.

The following projects by well-known brands were honoured at the 2020 German Brand Awards because they provide their customers with tangible benefits and help for everyday life, be it the answer to “How do I get home from here?” or “Where can I find a reliable handyman?”

The BVG Jelbi app from Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, “Best of Best” at the 2020 German Brand Awards in the category “Digital Brand of the Year”.

The app for a safe journey home

Night quickly becomes day in Berlin, and revellers looking to find the best route home safely and simply can find help in the Jelbi transport app from Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, the city’s public transport company. A particularly innovative feature is that taxis, ride-sharing, bicycles, conventional scooters and electric scooters can be compared and booked in the app alongside public transport.

This flexibility impressed the German Brand Awards jury, which awarded the project its highest “Best of Best” distinction in the “Digital Brand of the Year” category. The presentation of the app, including extensive digital and social media campaigns, also played a role in it winning the award. The jury said, “To increase awareness of the service, an extensive campaign was launched with a focus primarily on digital channels. Thanks to creative ideas and a generous dash of humour, it reached its audience. An interesting brand with an attractive service that was presented outstandingly in the digital world.” The campaign was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt, a creative agency in Hamburg.

Double award-winning: the online platform MeinZuhause und ich from Provinzial Versicherung received “Best of Best” in the category “Brand Experience of the Year” and “Gold” in the category “Brand Communication – User Experience” at the 2020 German Brand Awards.

Search for and find reliable tradesmen

You have a new flat, lots of work and need help finishing it off? While platforms for finding hobby handymen already exist, the MeinZuhause und ich app from insurance company Provinzial Versicherung is different. It offers its customers the chance to find local, quality-controlled workers for six different trades, preventing a premature insurance incident. The service is free of charge for Provinzial customers.

The jury awarded the online platform two titles at once, presenting its highest “Best of Best” award in the “Brand Experience of the Year” category and “Gold” in the “Brand Communication – User Experience” category. In its statement, it said, “Sourcing reliable local craftsmen free of charge as an exclusive service for all household contents and residential building insurance customers is a particularly attractive combination of customer needs, experience and branding. The platform enables customers of the insurance company to save a lot of time, and the work of the craftsmen is even covered by the insurance with a five-year guarantee. A genuine added value that promises customers a special brand experience within the framework of services.”

The K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. app from König + Neurath, “Gold” winner at the 2020 German Brand Awards in the “Collaboration” category.

Office design adapted to individual working structures

Every business has its own individual structure, processes and employee needs. With the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. app, furniture manufacturer König + Neurath provides a tool for exploring a company’s own working culture in a playful way. Employee surveys are also possible. The findings obtained are visualised in a profile that delivers ideas and stimulus for designing the working environment.

The jury praised the unique approach of the project, which received the “Gold” distinction in the “Collaboration” category of the German Brand Awards. The jury members said, “The K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. helps to define a company’s work culture, thus enabling recommendations for special office furniture solutions, based on the respective requirements. A new digital tool, likely unique among the competition, which sets König + Neurath apart as a holistic provider or process facilitator, significantly driving forward its transformation to a customer-oriented brand for everyday life.”

The Volvo Car Protection app, “Gold” winner in the category “Digital Solutions & Apps” at the 2020 German Brand Awards.

On-the-spot insurance coverage for safe travel

Safety on the road is indispensable, and that includes optimum insurance coverage. The Volvo Car Protection app offers on-demand insurance coverage that can be activated with ease through an app. It can, for example, insure extra, unplanned drivers or luggage, or be used to buy international travel health insurance. All insurance products can be combined with each other and managed through a simple, digital haptic interface.

This progressive digital insurance protection was also emphasised by the jury in its explanation for awarding it “Gold” in the “Digital Solutions & Apps” category: “With the Volvo Car Protection app, the media-appropriate implementation of a progressive insurance service was successfully launched. Additional drivers and luggage can be insured and other packages booked with the app simply and spontaneously. The app leaves a strong impression as it is particularly easy and convenient to use, and the aesthetics of the graphic interface match the brand’s design DNA. Altogether the product has been designed very cleanly, which simplifies the topic of car insurance in a user-focused way.”

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