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The success of design in a company depends decisively on the blueprint of its implementation, knows Philipp Thesen, strategy consultant and former head of design at Deutsche Telekom. He assisted Commerzbank in its digitalisation process. Digital transformation: Episode 10 of the ndion Podcast.

Digital transformation at Commerzbank

Digitalisation has far-reaching effects on innovation management, and design plays an elementary role in it. How are companies in different sectors dealing with this?

In this podcast episode, Philipp Thesen talks with Holger Grünwald, Managing Director of Neugelb Studios, about the digital transformation of Commerzbank and the advantages of an in-house design agency.

Please note: this podcast is in German.

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In the ndion podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from various industries and talks to with them about design, brand and innovation. They will be asked about the current challenges in transformation, megatrends and micro-tools, lessons learned and the most important dos and don’ts.

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