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Discover the possibilities. SPACE10 and IKEA unveil experiments for everyday life with technology

What if an elephant could measure the size of a room? What if you could redesign your home using augmented reality? What if you could control a light with a hand gesture? The research and design lab SPACE10 is conducting an ongoing series of digital experiments with IKEA called Everyday Experiments, which explore and showcase the role of technology in the home. The experiments are designed to allow the user to playfully explore how “simple, beautiful, friendly digital creations can improve aspects of everyday home life” – overcoming our preconceptions that technology can be intrusive, untrustworthy or confusing, and proving that it can actually be peaceful, helpful, secure and sustainable. Working with design and technology studios in various parts of the world, the experiments apply the latest technology to aspects of day-to-day life, such as opening the blinds, rearranging furniture or looking for a new couch. There have so far been 18 experiments conducted, with some focusing on functional issues and others being primarily about fun. Take for example an “elephant in the room”, which expands to give the user the dimensions of a space. As is typical of IKEA’s design and marketing, all of the experiments are primarily aimed at showing how we can enjoy our homes and how we can feel happy, calm and safe there.

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