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Now aged 61, design guru Bruce Mau’s career has spanned decades. During this time, he has developed a radical vision of the capabilities of design. For Mau, design is the ability to imagine a future and systematically put this vision into practice. In his view, all designers are basically futurists. The documentary “Mau” recently premiered at the South by Southwest festival, which was held digitally this year. Filmed over a period of approximately three years and directed by Benji and Jono Bergmann, the documentary looks back at Mau’s life to date and his career. It sets out to show his far-reaching, fundamentally optimistic view of design as a global change agent, based on some of his biggest projects. Mau’s work includes writing the book “S, M, L, XL” with Rem Koolhaas and developing the sustainability platform “Live Positively” for Coca-Cola. In an interview with Lilly Smith from Co.Design to mark the film’s release, Mau and his wife Bisi Williams – with whom he established the design consultancy Massive Change in 2010 – talk about how their lives have affected their design philosophy, how design can bring about change, and where its limits lie.

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