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The building sector is considered one of the biggest polluters worldwide. But how can architecture become more sustainable? With her projects, Dorte Mandrup wants to encourage greater awareness of the issue of sustainability. The architect talks to Martin Pauli, Head of Global Circular Economy Services at Arup, about the challenges of sustainable architectural services in episode 24 of the ndion Podcast. 

Humans in the Anthropocene are currently focusing on the consequences of their own innovative achievements. With a 50% share of global CO2 emissions, the construction industry plays a decisive role, whereby the industry is increasingly turning its attention to the grey energy determined in construction and no longer only to the emissions of use. It is becoming clear that the need for innovation in this sector is immense and that the role of architecture is being redefined accordingly.

Martin Pauli, Head of Global Circular Economy Services at Arup, discusses with Danish architect Dorte Mandrup how the architecture industry needs to reposition itself in light of these new challenges facing the sector.

Our guest, the renowned architect Dorte Mandrup, wants to use her projects to move the industry towards a more conscious approach to sustainability. She calls for more international knowledge transfer and greater specialisation in architectural practices – and a caring eye for context and detail.

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Three important insights: 

1) CO2 emissions are not the only indicator of building sustainability. It is about the design of identity with which the users of a building associate themselves and already in the design for the present about thinking about future possible concepts of use.

2) Architectural firms today need to position themselves differently and more broadly through specialists in order to be able to meet the new challenges.

3) An open source understanding of knowledge transfer in sustainable building is needed. The currently observable decentralised reinvention of sustainable strategies in the industry prevents the necessary speed.

Dorte Mandrup, Creative Director & Founder of Dorte Mandrup I Danish Architect I Lecturer – LinkedIn

Host: Martin Pauli, Associate Director Strategy & Insights Circular Economy, Sustainability, ESG I Global Circular Economy Services Leader – LinkedIn

In the ndion brand and design podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from different industries. We talk to them about topics from the field of tension between design, brand and innovation. We ask about the current challenges in transformation, about megatrends and micro-tools, about lessons learned and the most important dos and don’ts.

ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture
Dorte Mandrup was awarded “Architects of the Year” in 2021. According to the jury, creating her projects requires “not only a creative visionary force, but also a fair amount of boldness, persuasiveness and the unconditional, unwavering will to achieve realisation.”
Every year, the competition honours holistic projects from the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and brand communication. The awards ceremony for the ICONIC AWARDS 2022: Innovative Architecture took place on 5 October.

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