Urban areas are sprawling, cities are transforming and so too is the transport within them. Simultaneously, new environmental standards and integrated transport and mobility concepts are also changing cities. Car-friendly cities that are being partially rebuilt are shifting the focus for private transport to the bicycle. E-bikes make it more convenient to get around town and take up less space for parking.

With its Future Mobility Concept, bicycle manufacturer Canyon from Koblenz has presented a study that demonstrates what the environmentally friendly vehicles of the future could look like. The concept vehicle is intended to represent “a revolutionary alternative to the car and bicycle”. It combines a lightweight and e-bike-inspired design with the stability of four wheels while offering protection against any type of weather. To accomplish this, the vehicle possesses a fully lockable passenger cabin enclosed by an innovative, panoramic capsule that can be pushed forwards along two tracks to open up the driver’s seat. This “open mode” makes it possible to enjoy a breeze at warm temperatures, like in a cabriolet. There is space behind the driver for a child, shopping or bags. Similar to a recumbent bicycle, riding the vehicle puts the driver in a comfortable position with both feet on the pedals. Two joysticks, on the left and right of the seat, enable intuitive steering and a narrow turning circle of seven metres.

The most-interesting aspect of the concept is that this low-emission vehicle is designed to be ridden on the road as well as on bicycle paths, although this is yet to be approved legally. According to the company, the Future Mobility Concept is “fast and stable enough for the open road with traffic, yet light and agile enough to slide into the bike lane when things get backed up”. By combining the benefits of a car and an e-bike, it is planned to become “the ultimate daily commuter”. Bicycle and automotive design converge in the futuristic aesthetics of this as yet non-rideable study vehicle, with a clean, subtle silhouette emphasising its lightness and aerodynamics.

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