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European Fashion Award 2020 with a Special Award for Workwear

Submissions are now also being taken for this year’s European Fashion Award FASH 2020, given out by the German Fashion Industry Foundation. Designs and collections from students and graduates of international fashion schools are again being sought. The European Fashion Award comes with 5,000 euros in prize money. In addition, up to 20 participants receive support through advice on their portfolio, training for applications and workshops with distinguished experts. A new inclusion this year is the Special Award for Workwear sponsored by the company Engelbert Strauss. As Henning Strauss says, it is not solely a matter of workwear’s functionality. Rather, “Workwear is the art of engineering in textile form; we use the most modern materials and latest finishing technologies. An exciting field for young people in design.” What also makes the special award intriguing is how identification with a career, expertise and affiliation with a company are expressed in the clothing. Corporate fashion is an essential element of branding – and not just for large companies either. The registration deadline is 27 April and the submission deadline 3 May 2020.

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