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The topic of sustainability affects all areas of our lives and needs decisive action. Mimi Sewalski (Managing Director of Avocadostore), Ineke Hans (Founder and Professor of Design & Social Context), Dr. Sascha Peters (Managing Owner of the future agency “Haute Innovation”) and Lutz Dietzold talk about the status quo, goals and strategies of sustainable production and the role of designers. The discussion is moderated by Julia Bauer.

What does corporate responsibility look like in a time characterised by major challenges such as climate policy and digitalisation, but also by demands for ethical consumption? How can responsible corporate action be measured? How has the position of designers changed and how does it still need to change? What tools are needed to be able to shape the whole world in a more forward-looking, sustainable and – in every respect – more responsible way? And the New European Bauhaus is also a powerful programme push at EU level.

Sustainability experts Mimi Sewalski, Ineke Hans and Sascha Peters talk together with Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director of the German Design Council, about some of the most pressing ecological and social issues:

Experts discuss sustainability: The participants

Mimi Sewalski
© Mimi Sewalski

Mimi Sewalski

Mimi Sewalski is a sociologist, author and CEO of Avocadostore, Germany’s largest online marketplace for eco fashion & green lifestyle. Before Avocadostore, she worked for several years in high-tech start-ups in Tel Aviv, in the advertising industry and in gastronomy. In June 2020, she published her book “Nachhaltig leben JETZT” (“Sustainability NOW”).

We are running out of time. If the goal is to slow down or even stop climate change, then everyone needs to do something.

— Mimi Sewalski

Students are very hungry for tools, to work with them. The degrees still focus strongly on products and forms. The idea of sustainability is crucial for developing an expertise.”

— Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans
Photo: Lennard Heijer

Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans is the founder of Studio InekeHans and London Salons and Professor of Design & Social Context at the UdK Berlin. She designs furniture as well as products and researches design strategies. Hans works for leading clients on product typologies that fit into new social contexts and uses recycled plastics and efficient material use.

Dr. Sascha Peters
© Sascha Peters

Dr. Sascha Peters

Dr. Sascha Peters is Managing Owner of the future agency “Haute Innovation” in Berlin and Honorary Professor of Materials Science at HAWK in Hildesheim. He is one of the most renowned materials and technology experts in Europe. Since 2014, Peters has been a member of the advisory board of the funding initiative “Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation” (Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

We can always establish a circular economy when you either stick with a material or use a group of materials that can ultimately either be recycled or left in a biological cycle.”

— Sascha Peters

German Design Awards. »All Eyes On«

Das »All Eyes On« Studio
Photo: Daniel Banner

This expert discussion was held as part of “All Eyes On”, the digital programme for the German Design Award 2021. Over a period of four weeks, the German Design Council presented the “Gold” winners, their projects and interviews and talks with experts from design, business and journalism in various formats. The talks focus on trend and design topics around innovation, brand, sustainability and digitalisation.

Special highlights were the presentation of the Newcomer Finalists, the selection of the “Newcomer of the Year 2021” David Wojcik and the interview with “Personality of the Year” Paola Antonelli, architect and curator of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Weitere Experten-Talks auf ndion finden Sie hier:

Experts discuss Digitalisation: Technology that brings people together. Monica Dalla Riva (Vice President Customer Experience and Design of Deutsche Telekom AG) and Lukas Cottrell (Managing Partner of the Peter Schmidt Group) discuss the perspectives of digitalisation.

Experts discuss Branding: Clear positioning is crucial. Saskia Diehl (Managing Director GMK Markenberatung) and Matthias Oetting (Director Marketing at OASE) look at challenges and perspectives of brand management in the field of tension of digitalisation and pandemic.

You can watch the entire programme on the website of “All Eyes On” and on the YouTube channel of the German Design Council.

Der German Design Awards 2022

Under the motto “How designers think”, outstanding innovative projects and products are awarded: Designs that provide answers to the challenges of our time and think design further. The early bird registration is possible untl 11 June 2021!

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