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Film and Furniture. Take a browse through stories of scenography

Television and streaming services are currently booming. Famous films are being brought back out of the archives or are already online and available at any time. A second look at them is worthwhile, including for viewers fond of design and especially when it comes to the furnishings and decoration in films. The website Film and Furniture is a fantastic resource to learn what certain films were furnished and decorated with and why specific details were used for the decoration. Whether the famous Thonet chair in “Cabaret” or “Poltergeist”, the legendary décor seen in the James Bond films, the octangular, Cini Boeri-designed whisky glasses from “Blade Runner”; or the furnishings by Olivier Mourgue and George Nelson from classics such as Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Anyone looking to decorate their own home with the hexagonal carpet pattern adorning the Overlook Hotel’s corridors in Kubrick’s classic horror “The Shining” is also in luck.

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