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 © Zeam

The name “Zeam” stands for “Zero Emission Autonomous Mobility”. The brand was established in 2023 by the Norwegian shipping company Torghatten. The development of a corresponding vehicle took place in cooperation with Zeabuz, a worldwide leading company for autonomous technologies in the maritime sector. According to the company, Zeam’s task is to “create an ecologically and economically sustainable mobility concept on the water in urban environments”. The world’s first commercially operated autonomous passenger ferry has now started operations in Stockholm. The “smart ferry” connects Kungsholmen and Södermalm. The ferry reportedly always has a safety operator on board who monitors the system and can take control if necessary. The ferry’s batteries are charged by solar cells during the day and by cable at night.

The idea for autonomous city ferries originated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, where a first prototype, “MilliAmpere”, was created in 2017. Based on the experience with MilliAmpere, the company Zeabuz was established in 2019 to further develop and commercialise the technology. Subsequently, a larger prototype was developed at NTNU with MilliAmpere2, which was completed in 2021 and went into public test operation for four weeks in 2022. During the test phase, 1500 passengers travelled with MilliAmpere2 without the captain having to intervene. In the meantime, Torghatten became co-owner of Zeabuz. The Zeam brand will now spread the innovative and sustainable mobility concept with small autonomous and electric city ferries.

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