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Design adds value; design gives you an advantage! Professional design has never been more essential or apparent than it is today. Focus Open, the state prize of Baden-Württemberg, annually and openly displays what is state-of-the-art in terms of design, innovation, and sustainability. Focus Open will continue to reward the innovative and design quality of new products, services, and concepts in 2023.

Companies and professional designers from all over the world are welcome to enter the Focus Open 2023 – International Design Award Baden-Württemberg with their current and innovative products and design solutions. Start-ups and newcomers can also participate in the competition with their exciting projects.

The Focus Open is awarded in several levels: the Focus Gold recognises innovative and outstanding solutions, while the Focus Silver recognises exceptional quality. Focus Special Mention is given to a design level that exceeds the established level. Furthermore, the jury may award Focus Meta, a special prize that recognises outstanding solutions to overarching and current issues.

Receive Gold, Silver, or Special Mention awards, as well as Meta awards, while getting feedback from an independent jury and broad public exposure through yearbook, exhibition, and online presentation.

Register here by 6 April and become part of the Focus Open Community 2023.

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