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With PunchOut.Tech, the Founders Fight Club offers companies the opportunity to pose current challenges to interdisciplinary innovative teams. Moritz Rose talks to Jan Küster about the format. Episode 17 of the ndion Podcast.

Innovative ideas from the boxing ring

Innovation is good in principle. But can innovation be successful in established companies? What role does sales play? What challenges can prevent innovation from succeeding?

Moritz Rose talks to Jan Küster from PunchOut.Tech about how to innovate successfully as a company. What steps are necessary to achieve this? They look at examples and see how companies can invest their innovation budget to create value.

Please note: this podcast is in German.

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In this episode you will learn…

…how your company can use your innovation budget to create value

…whether innovations work in established companies

…what is meant by innovation communities

…under which circumstances innovation can fail

…how you as a company can successfully implement innovations

…what the burden of sales is in innovative companies

…what PunchOut Tech format offers

…that motivated collaboration is not the same as innovative collaboration

German Design Council and Founders Fight Club invite to joint innovation format

Digital transformation and sustainability, AI and data-driven business models hold new opportunities. Companies and innovators from all sectors are invited to register now for the PunchOut.Tech – Corporate Edition without obligation. Any number of people can participate remotely in the fully virtual edition. The final results will be presented at the final pitch event, Founders Fight Night, in March 2022.

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