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Sustainable and modular: Framework has developed a laptop that can be completely disassembled and converted.
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Who has not already had this experience? If a connection on the laptop is defective, it cannot be repaired. If the battery life decreases or the power storage unit is defective, it cannot be replaced. Nor is it possible to expand the capacity of the memory modules at a later date. Many laptops nowadays cannot even be opened, which would be a prerequisite for being able to repair damage or replace components in the first place. This is not only annoying and forces people to buy new products unnecessarily, it also produces a lot of electronic waste and is ecologically more than questionable.

The company Framework wants to change that – with a laptop that can be completely disassembled, repaired or upgraded by the owner. “The conventional wisdom in the industry,” says the company, “is that products that can be repaired are thicker, heavier, uglier, less robust and more expensive.” Framework wants to prove the opposite and improve consumer electronics one category at a time. This is to be achieved through well thought-out compromises in design and by giving customers and workshops access to all the necessary information. After the repair-friendly laptop from Framework was initially only available in the USA and Canada, the device can now also be pre-ordered from Germany, England and France. The laptop is offered in three configurations: A basic configuration, a medium variant and an even better equipped professional model with Windows 10 Pro – instead of Windows 10 Home, as with the other variants. Of course, the RAM and SSD can be replaced at any time. For those who want to configure and assemble their laptop themselves, the computer is also available in a DIY edition.

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