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Freitag: Customer becomes designer

When it comes to turning used materials – in this case, canvas covers for trucks – into well-designed products, no other company comes close to rivalling Swiss bag manufacturer Freitag. The company has long been a pioneer in designing fashionable products made from recycled materials, and over the years their product line has grown, from the very first messenger bag, to encompass an impressive selection of designer items. Now, Freitag is putting the power of design in the hands of its customers with a miniature factory located in the heart of Zurich: the Freitag Sweat-Yourself-Shop. Here, under the guidance of the shop’s staff, customers can choose materials and patterns themselves and bring their own designs to life using cutting machines, plexiglas templates, punch presses and ultrasonic welders. Sewing and riveting are handled by the shop’s experienced team.  

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