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Photo: Jan Schulz © Futurium, Education Innovation Lab

“The future we want needs to be invented”, artist Joseph Beuys is quoted as saying. “Otherwise, we will get one we didn’t want.” To help drive the invention of a consciously designed future, Futurium in Berlin has partnered with Junge Tüftler and the Education Innovation Lab to develop contemporary workshop offers for school classes. They can now also be used in a digital format. Pupils in years 4 to 13 can actively take part themselves. The workshops focus on topics such as “Tools of the Future: Technologies for a Sustainable World” (primary school students in years 4 to 6), “Future Music: Motion Tracking with Sound Design” and “SenseBox: Cities of the Future” (both for years 7 to 13), and challenge participants to develop their own problem-solving approaches. The goal is to arm young people for the challenges of tomorrow.

These education offers are based on the four “C”s of learning: collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. When participants invent such things as their tool of the future, they work together (collaboration), talk to each other (communication), come up with prototypes (creativity) and think about the impacts that their object could have on a future society (critical thinking). The online workshops can be booked for a class individually and be held live. They take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. (excluding Berlin school holidays). Participation is charged at EUR 5 per person, with a minimum of ten and maximum of 20 participants. The offer is free of charge for teachers.

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