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Sanitary brand Grohe is expanding its "Grohe X" concept, which offers informative and inspiring content in 13 different language
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Sanitary brand Grohe is expanding its “Grohe X” concept, which offers informative and inspiring content in 13 different languages – tailored to the interests of different target groups.” According to the company, Grohe X has already reached around half a million visitors online in its first year. What was launched in 2021 as a virtual event location, showroom, training centre, communication and content hub is now entering the next phase and becoming hybrid. To this end, the digital community is being expanded to include the “Grohe X Brand & Communication Experience Center” in Hemer. The centre combines under one roof a physical erection for visitors, five studios for training, content production and rooms for hybrid events.

In addition, three “Grohe X Motion Trucks” complement the brand experience by bringing it directly to the customers. The “trucks” function as mobile satellite studios and form a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Each of them has a stage with a large LED screen on which local content can be pre-produced or streamed live on the Grohe X platform. In addition, visitors can explore selected Grohe products both physically and virtually.

“For us, the pandemic was an accelerator of digitalisation. We created a virtual environment where we could continue to interact with our customers. But the relationship with our partners is also based on the physical experience of our products and the personal exchange. With the “Brand & Communication Experience Center” in Hemer, we are now giving “Grohe X” a physical home. We also have our own studios in Hemer where we can produce our content independently,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader Lixil Emena and Co-CEO Grohe AG.

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